Netflix and Chill in 4K with a Windows 10 Device

That’s right, if you own a compatible PC/2-in-1 device with Windows 10, you can now watch Netflix in 4K. The catch? You’ll have to use the Microsoft Edge browser. While a 4K monitor is a reasonable requirement for this ability, Microsoft are strangely limiting this feature to those with 7th generation Kaby Lake Processors from Intel.

Microsoft also claims that Edge consumes less power than Chrome when streaming Netflix and states that you can watch at least an entire 45-minute episode on their browser versus Google’s. This is, of course, relevant to those who binge watch Netflix on laptops of mobile devices. We’re not exactly sure how this is achieved, though as Microsoft was hush on the details. We’re also pretty confident that the comparison involves HD content instead of 4K, since you can’t stream the latter on Chrome.




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