Nearly 100% Of Malaysians Using Mobile Phone

Source: Department of Statistics
Source: Department of Statistics

Department of Statistics has released the latest ICT Use and Access in Household Survey Report in Malaysia, and the numbers are encouraging for the sector. Mobile users has increased close to 100% in 2015, with 97.5% individuals are using the device compared 94.2% in 2013, a popular mode of communication and connectivity, the device has permeated to every single home in the country.

On the internet, individuals in Malaysia aged 15 years and above using the service was 71.1 % an increased by 14.1 percentage points compared with 2013. While computer usage increased from 56% to 68.7%, mobile rules supreme.

Percentage of individuals using Internet at least once a day in 2015 was 86.6% which increased by 26.3 percentage points compared to 60.3% in 2013. Among the Internet users, three main locations of Internet usage in 2015 were at home (75.0%), in mobility (72.2%) and at work place (41.5%).


In 2015, among the popular Internet activities by Internet users were participating in social networks (84.3%), getting information about goods and services (79.6%), downloading images, movies, videos or music; playing or downloading games (76.1%) and sending or receiving e-mails (68.4%). In addition, other activities carried out by the Internet users were Internet banking (27.4 %), looking for a job or submitting a job application (14.7%) and purchasing or ordering goods or services (e-Commerce) (16.1 %).

Household access to Internet increased by 11.5 percentage points to 70.1% in compared to 58.6%. Access to computer also saw an increase by 8.2 percentage points from 59.4% to 67.6%. As for mobile phone in homes its almost saturated with 0.9 percentage points increased to 97.9% compared to 97.0%.

Using mobile broadband to access the Internet was 61.9% while the percentage of household using fixed broadband to access the Internet was 24.7%.

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