Najib Supporters As Stupid As Karens? Social Distancing Non-Existent As Hundreds Flock Outside Court

After two long arduous years, former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s day of reckoning has finally arrived. Well, sort of. I mean, he’s set for day(s) of reckoning of course. This is only the first court verdict he has to face, with the 1MDB trial scheduled to go on until at least June next year. But this article isn’t about whether or not the man is innocent or guilty, it’s about the ardent support he’s getting.

Najib arrived at the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex today for his SRC International Sdn Bhd verdict but he wasn’t alone. I don’t just mean he was flanked by his entourage of lawyers and  bodyguards, the dude was greeted by hundreds, and i mean HUNDREDS of supporters clad in blue (Barisan Nasional colours) and red (UMNO colours).

Look, I get it. Sometimes you believe in something and no matter how stupid it may be, you simply cannot see the light. I get that, I’m a Manchester United fan, but no matter how stupid your belief may be, when it comes to threatening the health and livelihood of others, a very clear line should be drawn.

Good luck telling that to the hundreds gathered outside the court with no regard to social distancing, all in support of the man who’s swindled the country of billions. We always jump at the opportunity to shit on Karen’s for not wanting to wear masks or adhere to social distancing guidelines but it turns out that Malaysians may just be as bad as them.

You don’t need to be there to tell that social distancing is non-existent but word from the ground is that barely anyone is wearing masks either. In an ideal world, all these Najib supporters would just give each other coronavirus and that would be the end of it, but that’s not how it works.

Just like the lady who defied home quarantine regulations and passed the virus on to possibly hundreds, there could very well be a new cluster and it sure as hell better be named the “Najib cluster” so people can be well aware of how much of a clusterf*** his supporters are.

Just look at the scenes on the ground and see for yourself

I don’t understand how the police are allowing this to even happen. I don’t have an official count but it looks like there are well over 250 people outside the court grounds and yet all the police can do is encourage people to maintain social distancing? Madness.


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