Mobike And SP Setia Offer Bike Sharing Service In Shah Alam

We have been seeing yellow coloured bikes left unattended under trees, next to LRT station and in front of 7-elevens, no the city is not being take over by foreign armies peddling their way into overthrowing our military. A new trend in bike sharing has started and the bikes you spotted belong to a Singapore based start-up OBike, having successfully introduced the service to the country, the new firm is about to a face competion from another entrant, Mobike.

itself a the world’s first and largest smart bike-sharing company, Mobike announced to offer a dockless bike-sharing service in Shah Alam, in partnership with local developer SP Setia. Since inception, the Chinese based manufacturer of the Mobike has now expanded into Thailand and Singapore, the growth in bike sharing has increased tremendously.

By working with S P Setia, the service will be an alternative option for the last mile solution for residents and commuters. The bicycles are red in colour and designed with proprietary high-tech features like an unique smart-lock technology and built-in GPS connected via the Mobike IoT network. This allows for tracking the location and monitoring the health of each bike, as well as location-based demands for bikes in real-time. Big data collected and analysed by the company’s  AI platform which can then be used to help city planners manage and optimise  operations and infrastructure.

To get users start, a one time RM9 fully refundable deposit for registration is being offered before returning to RM99.  Also, to celebrate its launch in Malaysia, Mobike is providing one free month of services in September.

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