Microsoft Updates Service Agreement Policy

There has been much commotion of late with regards to privacy and personal information stored by service providers and tech company’s. Most of us give away our information willingly to these providers to use their services who undertake to keep them private and secure. But the truth is, which we learnt of late, even the largest corporation in the world with megabucks to store and lock our data can be hoodwinked and have the data stolen. So, the question beckons how safe is safe when we share these information and can we trust these business who promise to keep them safe?

Microsoft has updated its service agreement for its online software product, Xbox and Skype accounts and made numerous changes on its policy to keep in time with whats happening in the digital world. Effective May 1 2018, a number of terms have been adjusted including those on data processing, use of third party apps, content ownership and on Cortana.

By the looks of it most of the changes are made on hindsight and in the wake of the Facebook incident. Microsoft is covering all angles and preparing for the upcoming change that can be expected when regulators impose more stricter rules on these technology firms. The new amendments can be seen here.

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