Maybank Crowned Malaysia’s Most Preferred Employer At GRADUAN Brand Awards 2023

Maybank has been declared Malaysia’s most preferred employer at the GRADUAN Brand Awards 2023.

The announcement was made via Graduan’s official Instagram account, where the prestigious accolade was bestowed upon Maybank for its commitment to fostering a dynamic and empowering workplace.

Huawei secured the 1st runner-up position, while KPMG earned the 2nd runner-up spot, affirming their status as top choices for job seekers in the country.

In a caption accompanying the Instagram post, Graduan expressed appreciation for all participants in the event and highlighted the Top 50 Most Preferred Employers of the year.

These companies, ranging from innovation leaders to culture cultivators, were recognized for setting high standards and inspiring the workforce of tomorrow.

The top 50 list also includes notable companies such as Bank Islam, Uniqlo, Gamuda, MCMC, and Sime Darby Oils.

Each of these organizations has demonstrated a commitment to creating dynamic and empowering workplaces, contributing to their inclusion in the prestigious ranking.

The GRADUAN Brand Awards serve as a benchmark for employers, acknowledging their efforts in providing an exceptional work environment and attracting top talents in Malaysia.

The recognition reflects the evolving landscape of preferred employers in the country, showcasing those who stand out in terms of innovation, culture, and workplace practices.

The event not only celebrates the achievements of these companies but also highlights their significant role in shaping the future workforce and driving positive change in Malaysia’s professional landscape.

Congratulations to Maybank, Huawei, KPMG, and all the other esteemed organizations that secured a place in the Top 50 Most Preferred Employers of the year.

(Source: Graduan official Instagram account)


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