Higher Education Ministry Warns Against Illicit Relationships Among Public Servants

The Higher Education Ministry’s Department of Polytechnic and Community College Education has issued a stern warning against engaging in illicit relationships, particularly among public servants.

The directive explicitly prohibits public servants from fostering extramarital affairs that may negatively impact their marital relationships at home, deeming such actions a violation of disciplinary regulations.

The ministry emphasises that establishing inappropriate relationships leading to marital strain is considered a breach of disciplinary conduct, tarnishing the reputation of public service.

Additionally, the act of enticing married individuals is classified as a criminal offense, subject to imprisonment, fines, or both.

For those adhering to Islamic principles, such behavior also falls under the purview of Shariah criminal offenses, potentially resulting in imprisonment, fines, or a combination of both penalties.

References for this directive include:

  • Regulations for Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) 1993 [P.U.(A) 395/1993]
  • Section 498, Penal Code (Act 574)
  • Shariah Criminal Offenses Act (Federal Territories) 1997
  • Shariah Criminal Offenses Enactment (Selangor) 1995 and similar enactments in other states


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