Malaysian’s Show Off Their Cheeky Side With RM 5100 Sale Of CEE 851 Number Plate

Ah, Malaysia; A land of diverse culture where the weather is hot, the food is hotter, and car number plate auctions are hottest. The Pahang Road Transport Department (JPJ) has just recently concluded the bidding process for the CEE series of number plates and it ended up recording a total collection of RM1.024 million!

That’s right, Malaysian’s love their number plates. The bidding process, which took place over five days saw 904 bidders, with 424 of those being successful. While the highest bid recorded was for the CEE 7 and CEE 9 plates (both coming in at RM 58,000 each), the highlight of the series was arguably the CEE 841 number plate that ended up fetching RM 5100

At first glance, the number plate is seemingly random. You’d be forgiven for thinking “I don’t get it!!”, but think like a yuppie here for a second. Those born in gen Z will argue that decades of internet precedence illustrate that it is A-okay to butcher the English language by replacing letters with numbers, because.. why not, right? Just don’t talk smack about avocado toast and you’re good.

Anyway, the numbers 8, 4 and 1 apparently signify the letters B, A, and I. Why anyone would rather use numbers than letters in day to day discourse is beyond me but on a number plate, I can understand. That being said, i’ll let you put two and two together. It should come quite easily.

Regardless, you gotta love how this picture is a hell of a lot more funnier now that you know what the number plate actually stands for.

If anything, the fact that this naughty (or crude) plate fetched a whopping RM 5100 shows just how cheeky Malaysian’s can be. Anything for a laugh, right? Gotta love this country.


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