Malaysia Has A New Petrol Company & It’s Named After A Famous Boy Band

Okay fine, it’s not named after the boy band, but it does share the same name

It looks like Petronas is not the only local player in the petrol scene anymore. Introducing Five, a brand new local petrol brand that aims to bring the petrol industry into the digital age by offering a mobile app that allows for cashless payments. That’s right, the process of filling up your tank is finally taking its first steps into the 21st century (tbh Setel started this whole cashless petrol payment thing first) by going cashless!

Starting what could potentially lead to a waterfall effect, the newly licensed, homegrown petrol company is looking to empower new entrepreneurs by offering a smaller and easier station setup process, which in turn could result in a lower barrier of entry as compared to other mainstream petrol brands out there. This in turn will lead to more stations being opened in remote areas, thus making fuel supply even more accessible and further boosting the country’s economy as well.

While Five may be a new brand, the team behind it are no strangers to the petrol industry. The company behind Five happens to be Seng Group, which has been in the petrol retail business for almost 50 years. With Shell branding its petrol as FuelSave and Petronas using Primax, Five’s fuel products will be branded Ultimaxx. The brand promises high-quality fuel, economically and more conveniently (which unsurprisingly is similar to most other petrol brands).

Of course, Five won’t be mining it’s own fuel and will be sourcing its supply from Petronas. With the quality of it’s petrol offering nothing new to the market, Five is banking on its adoption of digital technology to be the main selling point here. There’s no doubt that the whole structure will be similar to that of Setel but perhaps one that is more holistic.

Five’s first petrol station is located in Kalumpang, Selangor and is scheduled to open for business this month.

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