Make way for Ookyo!

With millennials being the target market for many brands these days, Maxis has released its latest plan with unlimited internet data at only RM30 a month. Named Ookyo, users will get to choose between two plans: the Social or Entertainment Pack. The Social Pack contains some of your favourite apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp while the Entertainment Packs features other popular apps like Spotify, JOOX, Shazam and 9gag.

Along with having unlimited data for a list of apps, users can also enjoy unlimited data on popular chat apps like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat and Facebook Messenger. You will also get 3GB worth of internet data to use on apps that aren’t part of the All Access Pack. Once the 3GB is done, you can top-up to enjoy more internet. One of the more redeeming qualities of Ookyo is its rewards system through the use of the Google Play Store.

As long as you keep your Ookyo account active, you will receive rewards known as Google Play Credits. These credits come from 10% of whatever you spend in the Ookyo app. If you manage to convince your friends to join you via a referral code, you can earn up to RM100. Ookyo will also be 100% digital, in the sense where everything will be done digitally from signing up to paying your bills.

For those of you who are interested, you can head over to Ookyo’s website here.


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