Luma’s Latest Surround WiFi System Introduced


Today, Luma announced that its home WiFi system is available for purchase and will begin shipping to pre-order customers. Luma’s routers create a mesh network that surrounds the home with fast and secure internet to eliminate dead zones and buffering. Additionally, Luma safeguards connected devices from malware and hackers. Its mobile app puts simple control in the user’s hand to easily monitor the network, add guests, pause the internet and much more.

Today’s internet consumer are constantly looking for a better WiFi connectivity and security. Before Luma was introduced, a simple way to see and control activity on the home network didn’t exist, nor did a way to protect the network and its connected devices from malware and hackers without needing to install additional security software.

“With traditional home WiFi routers, people pay for high-speed broadband but are still stuck with dead zones and unreliability, with no security protection for the growing number of devices connected to the home network,” said Mike Van Bruinisse, Luma co-founder and CEO. “At Luma we aim to fix all that and more with a beautifully-designed surround WiFI system that is the first to combine speed with the security and control that brings peace of mind.”

Luma is the first to combine these three-core features in a home WiFi system: speed, security, and control.

  • Speed – Luma offers a quick and easy, guided setup tailored to your floor plan to ensure complete coverage throughout the home.
  • Security Luma continuously monitors your network to block hacks and malware by scanning the health of your connected devices for infections and vulnerabilities.
  • Control – Luma allows you to instantly view and manage your network from the app. From the app, you can also invite WiFi guests with one swipe.

The Lumas are now available in the international market starting from $149-$399. The free app is also available for downloading on the AppStore and GooglePlay Store.



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