Long Live The Meme; The Internet Says Goodbye To Beloved Longcat


So long, Longcat.

Truly a sad day for the internet as netizens had to say goodbye to one of their beloved memes, Longcat a few days ago. The famous feline behind the longcat internet meme died Sunday at the age of 18 which is equivalent to 88 years old in human years.

The celebrity cat, whose real name is Nobiko, died of natural causes in a Japanese pet hospital and according to the cat’s owner, they found Nobiko lying around their home weakly and was taken to the vet immediately. At the time, the vet told Nobiko’s owners the cat was too ill to undergo any X-rays.

Many netizens have said their goodbyes on Twitter as well:


Though we lost Longcat, Nobiko’s legacy will live on longer in our hearts and on the internet. Just last year, the internet lost 2 other famous cat, Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat, died age 8 (48) and 7 (44) respectively.

Lil Bub, whose image first appeared on Reddit in 2011, was among the first felines to stand out from the crowd and become a star. Original photos of Grumpy Cat were posted to the subreddit by her owner’s brother on September 23rd, 2012. She died in May after complications from a urinary tract infection.

These cats have made our lives a little better so its sad to see them go. May the rest in peace in cat heaven.

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