LG To Showcase Domestic Work Robots At CES

With advancement in artificial intelligence and deep learning to take centre stage at CES come next week, LG has been quietly working on the technology and will be seeking to upstage its more popular rival with a preview of its own advanced robot technologies.

LG HomBot vacuum cleaner already uses AI to operate it duties.

By leveraging on powerful analytical processing power, the company hints of its new robotic lineup called the Hub Robot of being able to navigate complex environments and decipher suitable paths to accomplish tasks.

Among the preview are a smart home gateway and a personal assistant AI presumably to control home appliances and another that will be able to tend ones yard and garden. LG has also indicated robots that will be able to work in public spaces like hotels and airports. Robots are coming of age with tiny ones from Sharp RoboHon able to answer and project phone calls and videos to more complex designs like Asus Zenbo that can can do simple house chores.

All these will be showcased at CES 2017 Vegas, PC.com will be reporting live as they show unfolds.

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