Lenovo Working On Worlds First 5G PC With Qualcomm


Lenovo is embarking on delivering to the world what could possibly be the Worlds First 5G PC. In collaboration with Qualcomm, Project Limitless will incorporate the Snapdragon 8cx 5G compute platform and the first-ever Snapdragon X55 5G modem into a working PC or notebook. Project Limitless will attempt to conquer latency—the inescapable delay when sending or receiving data. On 4G networks, this can span just hundreds of milliseconds, but removing that blink will change everything.

“We see 5G as an essential and exciting part of Intelligent Transformation,” said Johnson Jia, senior vice president and general manager, Consumer Business of Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo. “Bringing this unprecedented access and speed into our PCs helps us empower our customers and lead the way to a more connected, more seamless, and more powerful future.

To solve inescapable issues like heat that will be generated with the data deluge rushing through a PC at unprecedented speeds or watching an 8K resolution movie with no buffering requires out of the box engineering.

“The goal here was to compromise nothing on the PC experience, from design to performance, even though we’re adding in entirely new capabilities.”

The new Lenovo 5G laptop will have to multiple antennas and placing them will be complex as before they can be placed on top of the laptop, within the bezel above the screen, but there’s a demand for big, beautiful screens with minimal bezels—so now they have to be creative on the antenna placement.

Consumers will find an infrared camera for logins and other enhancements to the always-on functionality and convertible form factor following the architecture of the Yoga C630 WOS.

Lenovo is scheduled to complete Project Limitless in 2020, with the first notebook entering the market within next year.

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