Legendary Hints For The Legendary Anime

Toei Animation and Funimation hinted something for all the Dragon Ball Fans on Twitter this morning. The child company of Toei Company, Ltd. – the Japanese film, television production and distribution corporation is notable for its anime producing. Along with Funimation – an American entertainment company that specializes in the dubbing and distribution of foreign content, most notably anime – tweeted up Dragonball photos with a caption “something legendary is coming.”

Will it be a new season of Dragon Ball Super? Or a canon for Team Three Star? Fans tried to not get their hopes up by speculating a Blu-ray release for Dragon Ball Super: Broly but Funimation took it off the list with only one tweet sweep – “that’s already been announced *wink emoji*.”

After producing its title film in 2018 – Dragon Ball Super: Broly (which is amazing), both companies come out with just mind-boggling pictures of 3-star and 4-star Dragonballs. What could these mean? Possible dates – 3rd of April or 4th of March or neither?

This puzzling excitement is making fans go Super Saiyan crazy.

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