Legendary Hints For The Legendary Anime

Toei Animation and Funimation hinted something for all the Dragon Ball Fans on Twitter this morning. The child company of Toei Company, Ltd. – the Japanese film, television production and distribution corporation is notable for its anime producing. Along with Funimation – an American entertainment company that specializes in the dubbing and distribution of foreign […]

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Costs RM2699

  Taking to the skies, Samsung literally held its flagship Galaxy S10 launch 1800 metres above sea level at the Genting Highlands SkyAvenue, the much heralded 10th anniversary event also gave guests and visitors on the pricing for the three models scheduled to hit the stores. Within a week in making the announcement in San […]

Samsung 1 Terabyte Mobile Storage Arriving Mid-Year

As mobile technology leaps, the need for more powerful and purposeful smart devices becomes ever more necessary. Withe advent of 5G the smartphone we hold in our hands will be much different, no company knows this better than Samsung. Having seen the evolution, the smartphone maker is betting on storage and has started doubling up […]

Keeping Children Safe From Momo Challenge

A recent threat has cropped up in our cyberspace, its not the usual hacking or stealing of data kind but a more sinister one that spooks intended targets into doing physical harm to themselves, especially children. You’ve heard about the Momo ‘challenge? The weird/scary looking character that first appeared in Whatsapp a few years back […]