Latest: Fracas At Low Yat Plaza


News is going around on social channels about a fracas that took place at LowYat Plaza late last night where a group of youths attacked a popular Chinese brand mobile shop for supposedly shoplifting. A check shows videos already posted on the fracas.

The video shows a horde of unruly men beating and harassing the shop caretaker while the other shop attendants coming to the aid, the commotion that took place at around 8:30pm last night saw a large group already gathered around the floor the with some even carrying sticks. was informed by the tech mall personal, that the information on the cause for the incident is still unclear, one rumoured story accoding to the person is that a youth was caught shoplifting and handed over to the police and later released, came with his friends to attack the attendant, the other is on the particular outlet supposedly having sold to him an immitation phone of the model.

Local news portal have reported that the cops have already arrested a man and is on the manhunt for another 7 for rioting and attacking, damage to the shop is estimated at RM70,000.


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