Is Malaysia Doing Enough Covid-19 Tests? Dr Noor Puts This Query To Rest

With Malaysia having curbed the spread of Covid-19 outbreak and subsequently preventing an all out epidemic like those faced by US, Brazil and India, there are some skeptics questioning our health officials on whether this is really the true picture.

Lets face it, many Malaysians have always had problems with data and statistics delivered by the government the mistrust harks back to older days. In the region, there are claims India and Indonesia are under reporting the actual number or cases in their country in fear of economic collapse. While we can’t place our country at the same level of governance of the other two, Malaysia have proven that cases are down and hospitals are empty. No one is mysteriously dying, nor we have countless favella’s like Brazil that has unrecorded number of cases.

All 32 million of us went through the ordeal, endured lockdowns, stayed glued to the TV watching our Health Director General giving us daily updates on the situation. And we can safely say there was no cover up on the country’s Covid-19 situation. IF this does not satisfy the skeptics, the doctor has statistics to share.

According to Dr Noor, we conduct an average of 31.39 tests for every 1000 which is equivalent to what South Korea did and managed to quell the virus from spreading. The result showed 0.9% positive cases, a below 1% rate that is way much lesser than what WHO considers as a concern, the health body considers 10%-15% as serious and would require us to conduct more screening. As of now, MOH has screened 89,288 patients with 0.05% positive rate. Compare this to Thailand that does only 5.49 test for every 1000 due to low case reports.

He also shared on Singapore’s statistics, the tiny nation does 111.22 tests for every 1000 population with 8.1 positive case detected.  As for the best country conducting tests., it goes to New Zealand with 100.98 to every 1000 population and having only 0.30 positive case. USA does the most number with 180.22 resulting in 8.1 positive case, Trump was not lying when he claimed that his country was conducting exceptional amount of testing.

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