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iPhone 8 Get Upgrades

iPhone 8 Get Upgrades

Ever since Apple launched its augmented reality development kit (ARKit), the company is now set to add a number of new components to the next iPhone in order to further enhance the new AR platform’s capabilities.

According to a Fast Company report, Apple plans to add a rear 3D laser system at the back of the next iPhone that would give the device better depth-sensing abilities for AR apps and better auto focus.

The report also claims that Apple is adopting a “vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser” (VCSEL) system that gives the phone’s camera better depth perception. This is done by calculating how long it takes for the imperceptible light to travel from your phone to the target object and back.


Apart from that, Apple will also be trying out installing a laser to the camera that has auto-focus capabilities, measuring objects in the frame in mere milliseconds. In addition, a KGI analyst reported that the iPhone 8 will have a 3D scanning subsystem, using the phone’s front camera as a replacement for the Touch ID.

Of course, we wouldn’t know if these cool features would actually make it to the iPhone 8 until the day finally comes. However, the ARKit will be available to iPhone users when iOS 11 is released.


Source: Mashable

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