iOS 15.1 Is Out Now With New Updates For Your iPhone!

Apple has released the iOS 15.1 update, which includes a slew of new features and bug fixes. The new software update is now available throughout the world, including Malaysia. If you recently purchased a new iPhone 13 Pro, you should update your phone right away to take advantage of several new camera features.

SharePlay, one of the most significant new iOS 15.1 features, allows you to share content in sync with your family and friends via FaceTime. It supports a limited number of apps, including Apple TV, Apple Music, and Fitness+. There is also an update for Apple Wallet that allows users to add their verified COVID-19 vaccination card to make it easier to present vaccination information, though this is only available in certain countries.

The new update also enables ProRes video capture for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max users. ProRes is a sophisticated video codec that promises higher colour fidelity and less compression. However, keep in mind that recording in this mode takes up a lot of space, with one minute of 10-bit ProRes video in HD consuming 1.7GB.

With iOS 15.1, users can now permanently disable the auto macro photo and video feature to give them more control. This is found in the camera settings, where you can now turn off “Auto Macro.” In case you missed it, the initial iOS 15 update already gave users the option to disable Night Mode from automatically kicking in.

The new update also fixes several issues, such as the Photo app incorrectly reporting insufficient storage when importing photos and video, and audio being paused when the screen is locked. It also addresses a problem with some WiFi networks not being detected, as well as battery algorithm issues on the iPhone 12 series.


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