Intel Planning a 6 Core Processor for Mobile Devices?

According to leaked presentation slides, Intel will be launching a series of processors specifically for mobile devices under the ‘Coffee Lake’ family name. While the Cannon Lake chips – which are to be made on the 10nm node – will be coming out a little earlier (in late 2017), Coffee Lake looks like it’s slated for a 2018 release date. Coffee Lake will be manufactured on the current 14nm node. Information seems to suggest that these will be available in 15-, 28- and 45-watt versions for Coffee Lake-U and Coffee Lake-H series chips.

What’s more, Coffee Lake processors might even come in a true 6 core variant, giving laptop owners some real processing power if at all this rumour is true. Until then, let’s just sit back and see what other creative ways Intel is preparing for its battle with AMD.

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