HUAWEI Releases Membership Loyalty Programme

HUAWEI has disclosed the Membership Loyalty Programme in its Member Center app. The programme comprises of ‘Growth Point’ and ‘Activity Point’ where users can gain points through binding new HUAWEI devices and completing tasks in the app. The points will determine the level of memberships tier level and users will enjoy lots of benefits with every tier upgrade.

The Member Center is a reward hub for HUAWEI users to claim both online and offline rewards. Other than online deals like HMS product and in-app purchases vouchers, Member Center has also partnered with local merchandisers to offer users with offline retail discounts and goodies.

Users are also able to receive Growth Points with this membership programme as bind the new HUAWEI device. This is to redeem the “Activity Points” by completing specific tasks within the app. More rewards can be obtained by levelling up the tier.

The benefits included are 15% off Lacoste coupon for Black and Gold card members and Sunway Medical Centre health screening service, RM300 rebate on DESLA electric bike for Black and Gold card members while for Silver card members, a RM200 rebate.

RM58 for 150 minutes Beaute Library’ facial treatment for Black and Gold cars members while RM78 for the Silver Card members. Other benefits are 10% off on HUAWEI Care services and free selected HUAWEI Themes.

The Growth Points has 3 tiers; Silver, Gold and Black Cards. Users must link their purchased HUAWEI devices to their HUAWEI ID and register into the growth system. The system will calculate the current points to the tier upgrade condition.

The system is now available for all HUAWEI smartphones and tablets pre-installed with EMUI 9.1 and above.

Users can collect “Activity Points” by finishing particular tasks that are available in the in the Member Center, such as visiting the HUAWEI AppGallery, downloading selected apps, upgrading to the latest EMUI version; and actively participating the promotion campaigns under ‘Tasks’ tab. After that, users will be able to unlock more rewards and benefits.

For more information, visit Member Center app at

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