HP’s “Creators of Tomorrow” Winners, JomFranchise, Awarded RM10,000 & Mentorship Opportunity

HP Inc. had been on a Nationwide search for their “Creators of Tomorrow” University challenge, and have finally come up with a winner: JomFranchise. The winning team from JomFranchise reeciebed RM10,000 to fund their business idea and a 3-month mentorship programme with Fayza Mohamed Amin, Managing Director of HP Inc. Malaysia and Bryan Loo, founder of Tealive.

The “Creators of Tomorrow” university challenge aims to help budding entrepreneurs realise their dreams by providing the help they need to break down barriers to entry and giving aspiring entrepreneurs to help they need to take their business to the next level.

Malaysia Managing Director of HP Inc., Fayza Mohamed Amin said: “Through the Creators of Tomorrow University Challenge, at HP Inc., we are pleased to support the future of Malaysia by inspiring entrepreneurship amongst young Malaysians by making their dreams a reality. I am very impressed by the caliber of our youth and I encourage them to continue chasing their dreams”.

Adding on, Bryan Loo founder of Tealive said:
“It has been inspiring to witness the breakthrough ideas from our Creators of Tomorrow. We are very excited for their ideas to become a reality.”

HP Inc. and Tealive have received over 2500 start-up ideas from University students across Malaysia. The winners are a pair of promising entrepreneur siblings Muhammad Abdul Haiy and Muhammad Al Fateh from Open University who impressed the judges with their winning idea, making franchising accessible to Malaysians through crowdsourcing.

The runners-up include Top Flow, a business idea to create a safe platform for tenants and landlords and More Than Accounting, an idea of renting out additional space for storage.

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