Here’s How Galaxy S21’s AI Improves Your Night Mode Photos Before You Know It

It is undeniable that to have a perfect night photographs can be a hustle for everyone. Low light and camera noise can bring to blurry, grainy photos which cause you to miss capturing that memorable moment. However thanks to the AI powering the camera on the Galaxy S21 series, you can now take stunning images in low light conditions with just the click of the shutter.

As you try to snap an image of a picturesque cityscape at night or a group selfie in a low-lit restaurant, the moment you click the shutter, the AI on the camera starts a three-phase process.

  1. First, the camera takes multiple pictures of the scene at different exposure levels. 
  2. Then, the camera begins Multi-frame Processing, combining the images into one and enhancing the brightness of the picture. 
  3. Lastly, the AI image signal processor begins post-processing the image, reducing noise and fine-tuning the details. The results are crystal clear images, with greatly reduced noise and blur.

The keys for such clarity and details rely on the multi-frame layering and AI restoration. As the multi-frame processing begins, the Galaxy S21 series intelligently selects the sharpest frame from all the images captured to use as a reference image. 

After the reference frame is selected, the AI aligns and registers the rest of the images before delivering the finalised photo. After that, the image has significantly reduced noise and a superior tone balance between the main subject and its background.

The same process lets the Galaxy S21 to support clear, high-resolution images even under poor conditions such as when zooming in on a neon sign to create an image with high-dynamic range. 

While zooming in, the Galaxy S21 is capable of capturing up to 20 frames at different exposure values (ev), depending on the conditions. 

Capturing at different EV lets the camera produce a sharper final image that has high-dynamic range with true-to-life exposure of both shadows and highlights. Hence, you can make out every letter, say you are zooming in on a neon sign.

The AI will tell if it needs to use every frame captured, or just a subset. The Galaxy S21 series’ camera AI can deliver bright, tack-sharp images even in low light or when zoomed in from extremely far away regardless it’s a photo of a neon sign, or your favorite singer at a concert, with more data from multiple frames.

To learn more about the intelligent features behind the Galaxy S21 series’ powerful camera, be sure to check out the rest of the Behind the Snapshot series at Samsung Mobile Press.

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