GrabShare aims to reduce congestion in Malaysian cities

Grab launches GrabShare in Malaysia. GrabShare is a commercial carpooling service which aims to provide cheaper fares for passengers, higher earnings for drivers, and reduce congestion in the city.

Malaysia has the third highest car ownership in the world, and that contributes to congestion issues especially in the city centre areas. Grab believes that GrabShare is an opportunity for a more effective system for both passengers and drivers. In a press conference, Country Manager for Grab Malaysia Sean Goh emphasises that Grab’s goal is to “provide safe transportation and enhance livelihood of drivers in the community.”


Pictured: Sean Goh, Country Manager, Grab Malaysia.

GrabShare will pair a maximum of two different bookings with similar trip routes on a single trip. For passengers, it translates to cheaper fares – up to 30%, with a maximum of 2 stops for the duration of their journey. For drivers, it means higher earnings, lower fuel consumption and a more effective way complete routes.

First launched end of last year in Singapore, Grab claims that their Singapore operations completed 2 million GrabShare rides in two months. Drivers in Singapore also sees an increase of 10% in income.

GrabShare employs algorithms to figure out optimum matching and route of shortest time for the carpooling service. Designed and engineered across R&D centres in Singapore, Seattle and Beijing, GrabShare Software Engineer Dominic Widdows encourages user feedback as the algorithm will continually be improved on. “The more people use GrabShare, the more robust and efficient the algorithm ultimately becomes.”

Malaysian passengers can now access GrabShare on the Grab app by selecting on the GrabShare option.

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