Grab Launches A Numberless Payments Card In Singapore; Grab’s Identity Crisis

Grab, the Southeast Asian ride-hailing company is now dipping their nose into fintech further with the launch of their digital and physical numberless payments card, GrabPay Card in Singapore. This is the culmination of their ongoing partnerships with payments company, MasterCard.

The digital variant of the card is already available in Singapore, and users can apply for the physical card which will roll out in stages to users.

The Card is going to be launch next in the Philippines in the first quarter of 2020, with other countries in Southeast Asia to come in the first of the year. Grab go on to say that the new cards expand their offline and online merchant ecosystem.

To me it seems like they’re forgetting their roots, and expanding ever so quickly to beat out the rest of Southeast Asia to come out on top. We’ve seen their rapid expansion in 2019, till the point that they’ve even go Uber out of the region. They should master being a ride-hailing service first, but I guess that’s just not going to happen. Their service isn’t perfect yet, but it looks like they’re aiming to be the regional fintech leader instead.

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