Government Wants 32.6 Million Malaysian Citizens Data, Collection Starts Next Week


Malaysians take note, the Government will be conducting a massive data collection exercise done by the Census Board next week. The agency has been tasked to go from house to house to gather information relating to household population, their lifestyle and other personal information.

With a theme: Your Data Our Future, this will be the sixth nationwide census ever conducted in the country, according to the Census Board website. Malaysia organises mass census every ten years since 1963. This time around the process will involve 9 million households whereby everyone living in that household will be asked to give comprehensive input on various issues including the country’s development agenda 2030. The census will be conducted in two phases, one done over the internet which takes effect from July 7 to Sept 30 while the physical house to house approach will be from Oct 7 to Oct 24.

Census will be taken from all Malaysians and will include non-Malaysians who have resided in the country for six months or more within this year. Those not included will be babies born after the census was conducted, deaths, those living, working or studying overseas for more than six months.

The board will be dispatching postcards to homes on guidance to fill the electronic census form, the information will be also made available online. Expect to see some unconventional questions on the forms, like your lifestyle, health, social relationship as this will be the first time for many people to experience such a process. It’s safe to know that data collected by the Census Board is protected by the 1960 Census Act and no information will be revealed.

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