Google will now delete location and search history by default

Google has announced an auto-delete system in their Web & App activity section. This comes as part of Google’s new security policy line-up.

The feature which applies to search history, location history as well as voice commands that are collected via the Google Assistant or devices like Google Home.

Through the latest addition, Google will set web and app searches to auto-delete after 18 months even if users were to take no action at all. While Google’s location history is off by default, when users turn it on, it will opt for an 18-month deletion schedule.

However, the default feature will only apply to new users while existing accounts will not see any changes in their settings. Google however, will drive to encourage the option on the search page as well as on YouTube.

Google has also announced an easier option for users use Chrome’s Incognito mode, allowing mobile users to switch to Incognito mode with a long-press on their profile picture.

The feature has launched on iOS and will soon arrive on Android and other platforms.


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