Google Maps Covers 98% Of The World’s Population; That’s Pretty Crazy

Google posted some interesting information on their blog for their mapping service, Google Maps. They claim that they’ve covered approximately 98% of the earth’s population. According to Thomas Escobar, Senior Product Manager at Google Maps, they’ve captured more than 10 million miles of Street View images. Now if you wondering how they’ve done this, it’s thanks to Google’s Street View cars and trekkers. If you didn’t know, trekkers actually walk around with contraptions that make them look like a Ghostbuster. Check out what it looks like below:

Picture courtesy of Reddit user; u/snowfox_my

They’re basically travelling to places that you can’t get to in a car. They literally travel via boats, camels, sheep and even on foot. Most times they’re even accompanied by scout troops to check out these places. Man, this sounds like a tough job.

But that isn’t all that goes into the amount of geographical data Google currently has, as they use an old technique called photogrammetry to make sense of it all. The technique actually dates back to the early 1900s, and they use billions of images, stitching them together, to make a whole complete image. Sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. This basically translates to Google users being able to check out more than 36 million square miles of area pieced together via satellite images.

It is slightly alarming that Google has that much information about the earth, but I guess someone had to, right?

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