Foreign Visitors Must Pay Quarantine Cost Or Have Their LTV Pass Revoked

Malaysia is not being lenient on the matter involving quarantine of foreigners coming into the country, ever since we started seeing a spike in cases especially from those travelling here.

With the impending opening up of the borders and return of students and foreigners who are either employed or have spouses, the government is not taking chances on possible carriers but will be requiring everyone to undergo compulsory quarantine. This procedure was actually reverted after the earlier process which did not require mandatory quarantine. Instead returnees were allowed to self quarantine at home, completing the 14 day in the comfort of their environment. However, it was later discovered many did not follow home quarantine SOP’s and were caught wondering in malls and restaurants. There were also cases where one of the individual turned out to be Covid-19 positive and had infected others. Separately more than 2000 who were given swab test have not returned on day 13 to

For foreigners who were abstained from the 14 day holdup before but who will now have to pay for the accommodation, the argument has been on the fees and who will bear the cost? Previously the government bore the cost and when asked to pay many left the hotel without paying. This time, Datuk Seri Sabri Yaakob, Senior Security Minister warned that foreigners who refuse to pay for the designated quarantine lodging cost will have their Long Term Visitors pass revoked. A stern approach that will ensure parties don’t cause difficulty on the quarantine.


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