Fly a Plane with Waze

Ever thought about being a pilot?

Well, Waze is letting you fly a plane – virtually. You can simulate a ‘pilot experience’ and ‘fly a jumbo plane’ to your destination. Waze teamed up with Malaysian Airlines to bring this feature for Wazers.

This new feature is available on the App and can be accessed through settings icon > display & map > car on map and select the Malaysian Airlines plane icon. There will also be special takeover advertisements that will ask Wazers if they would like to change their car icons into a MAS plane. This exciting feature is available in selected countries and will be within reach for a limited time only.

Waze Malaysia’s Business Manager, Edward Ling said that this feature is a unique way to engage with Wazers to make their journey more entertaining. “This is one of the native ways in which a brand can engage with the public on a day-to-day basis”.

Bringing fun to drivers, this is a way to take the stress out of driving.

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