First Look at the Samsung Gear S3


The Samsung Gear S3 has been revealed at the IFA in Berlin, Europe’s largest trade show, and it brings Spotify and GPS to your wrists. The Samsung Gear S3 will come in two designs which are the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

Want to know what’s the difference between the two? The classic is more for the elegant man while the frontier is more for the tough guy man. However, when compared with the previous Gear S2, the size of the Gear S3 is a little bit larger, with 46mm diameters, which might turn off women from buying the product.

According to digital trends, Samsung consulted with Swiss watchmakers and a watch designer named Yvan Arpa to craft two exquisite smartwatches that aim to look just like analog Swiss watches. Both watches have two buttons and a rotating bezel, just like last year’s Gear S2 watches, and they look different on each model. The Frontier has flat buttons that are flush with the watch’s casing, while the Classic has more classic buttons that stick out like the crown on analog watches.

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