Experiencing Slow Internet Lately, Its Not Due To Congestion

If you’re been experiencing lag or overall just slow internet speeds, you might think there’s just to many people on the network nowadays with what not the MCO and all. But since we were assured by all the telecommunication company including MCMC that the capacity is sufficient and there will be no disruption, then why is the internet still slow?

Well fellow Malaysians, the problem is not congestion or over usage or all those young kids hogging the bandwidth, playing League of Legends or DOTA, its actually more sinister than that. One of the submarine cables belonging to Telekom Malaysia linking Singapore, China and Hong Kong has been reported to be severely damaged. Talk about timing! Apparently, the submarine cable APCN2 vital for connectivity to popular sites like Facebook, Google and Microsoft is damaged and will experience minor glitches in linking to these web pages until the situation is fixed. However, TM says the situation is not to serious and has assured its customers that it has taken action on the matter and rerouted all traffic dependent on that cable to other existing lines. Service should be as normal for most parts in the country.

But it begs to differ, at a time when the whole nation is depending on strong digital networks to keep the country going we have situations like that can cause major disruption if we were to rely entirely on digital solutions. These are scenarios MCMC and the government should take into consideration if were are pushing for more online commerce or any other vital activity. TM as GLC is the biggest operator supplying wholesale connectivity to Maxis and other telcos, effects on its infrastructure will impact its corporate customers and will trickle down to end consumer. Its grip needs to be loosen and more players should be able to offer such services, so that when any one operator faces issues of cable damage, the impact is reduced on the nation.

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