EMUI 11 Update for HUAWEI MatePad Pro Enhances The Experience and Productivity.

EMUI 11 breaks down the physical limitations of individual hardware devices with its assistance, describing the use of software in a new type of device that organically links individuals, devices and scenarios together.

To put it simple, it forms a different kind of experience that many individual devices and single applications cannot, delivering a future-proof, all-scenario smart experience.

Firstly, this update is a General System Upgrade which lets users to not only embrace the visual of technology but to the depth of their interaction and more efficiently in all-scenario smart experience.

This update is also the way HUAWEI intended to deliver the meaning of each touch through the movement of icons by Personalised and Dynamic Micro-Animations and Long-Take Animations which lets users to better focus their attention while navigating on the device.

The new “spring engine” delivers a more realistic feel with every touch, with task options appearing on-screen in sequence and task lists that also change according to the strength of the press.

The gap between apps has also been adjusted to let a more realistic cushioning effect. The spring engine makes use of the cushioning effect when returning to the previous level, depending on how hard you drag your finger.

In terms of working, EMUI 11 boasts better convenience with tablet smartphone collaboration features via New Multi-Screen Collaboration. One of the features is Users can read news and messages with a full screen while making full use of the tablet keyboard to draft emails and reply to messages.

Utilising the advantage of the multi-screen framework, Multi-Screen Collaboration lets users launch and show a Huawei smartphone app on a Huawei tablet and display another app on the HUAWEI smartphone. Users do not have to download the same apps on multiple devices or to login the accounts for each device.

New Multi-Window also serves as a streamlined app-switching. To activate it, swipe inwards from the right side of the screen to access the edge panel. Then, select two apps from the list of shortcuts, and tap, hold and drag them out to the main screen to initiate Multi-Window and show two apps at once, with one occupying half of the screen.

The size of each split window can be adjusted by dragging the edges of the window, and selected apps also allow their content to be transferred from one app to another in this mode via dragging.

Last but not least, the EMUI 11 update will give a more expansive ecosystem of writing and drawing apps. Those are Noteshelf which is an app for note-taking allowing users to jot down their thoughts any time they need to with different features, Painting Apps such as Zen Brush 3 that can mimic the haptic effects of writing on paper with a brush and Animation Creation by FlipaClip which provides various free painting tools and allows users to edit complicated content on different layers by using easy-to-use animation tools.

With all these new EMUI 11 updates on HUAWEI tablet, it offers users a smother and enhances their productivity in work.


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