Drug Cartels Uses Drones for Smuggling Goods

There’s been a lot of talk about the ethics of using drones in terms of personal privacy, but has anyone really explored the legal side of it? Maybe now they should, since one man has figured out a way to fly his 13-pound (5.9kg) haul of meth over the border from Mexico to San Diego only using his drone.

The authorities were successful of bringing the 25-year-old Jorge Edwin Riverainto custody after spotting his drone in flight. They recovered the drone along with the drugs that are worth US$46,000 on the streets. Apparently, Rivera used a DJI Matrice 600, a hulkingly large drone that stands about two feet (60cm) and is capable of carrying a 33 pound (15.1kg) load.

Authorities commented that drones weren’t a popular method for smuggling drugs due to its limited ability of carrying heavy loads. However, due to technology advancements making everything bigger and better, we may even expect more drugs cases involving drones down the road.

Source: Mashable

Image: DJI


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