Dota Plus Turns Dota 2 into a ‘Pay-to-Win’ Scheme

Valve just released its latest update, Dota Plus that is an evolution to the Majors Battle Pass we have come to know and love throughout the years. This new subscription feature will replace the Battle Pass entirely, and it will also not be a seasonal item anymore but rather a monthly subscription service.

Much like the previous Battle Pass, this latest instalment comes with an all-new hero progression chart. Hero levelling is a new feature added into Dota 2 where it now pays to play your favourite heroes over and over. With every match played, the hero you chose will receive experience points (XP) towards that hero’s level progression. With every level advancement, you will unlock new hero tier badges, which can be displayed in-game to show your prowess on a particular hero.

Each level comes with Reward Shards and each tier grants new Hero Chat Wheel responses. For all those that remember, this is reminiscent of the previous Battle Pass chat wheel responses, which were taken from famous quotes by Dota 2 shoutcasters. Reward Shards can also help you unlock rewards like exclusive cosmetics for your favourite heroes.

Daily and weekly hero challenges are also back once again, but with an added twist. Instead of having to stun a required number of heroes for a specific number of times, this new challenge is now hero-specific. All challenges are now specifically tailored to each hero in the pool of over a hundred, which focuses more on a hero’s playstyle and mechanics. What stays the same is the same three levels of difficulty with more XP awarded when more stars are attained.

The weekly challenge on the other hand, is pretty straightforward. Simply win three games to earn an extra 1,000 Reward Shards before the timer refreshes.

Hero Relics are another new addition into the fold with each hero being able to hold a total of 14 relics (10 Common and 4 Rare). These relics track a number of battleground-related achievements. These relics can be unlocked using shards and once unlocked, will display statistics to a specific hero as you play.

However, the biggest update to come to Dota Plus is its Plus Assistant. Gathering and utilising data from millions of recent games from every skill bracket, Plus Assistant provides real-time assistance when it comes to hero, item and ability suggestions. Plus Assistant will optimise your overall gameplay through its suggestions, whether it be deciding on the right hero depending on the draft; deciding which is the right item for the right situation; and which ability will help out the current situation of the game more.

Plus Assistant also offers a Death Summary option. This comes after every time you were to die in-game, which gives you a detailed, second-by-second analysis the events that led to your death. From incoming damage, stuns and other disabling effects, you will have a complete breakdown on all damage types and its sources.

Lane strategies are another perk of Plus Assistant, which occurs after the drafting phase of the game. Plus Assistant will provide suggestions on the best way to lane your heroes. What’s great about this is that not everyone on your team needs to become a Dota Plus member, they simply have to be on the same team as you to view the suggestions. You can also compare your performance against the average performance at any given skill bracket. The post-match analysis also gives you a detailed breakdown on what happened during the game, in case if you were to miss something.

Of course, the best part of Dota Plus is the return of Battle Cup! While Dota Plus members will receive Battle Cup passes for free, non-members will have to pay US$0.99 (approx. RM3.86) to participate. Aside from special emoticons and boasting the trophies on your profile, Dota Plus members will also receive 20,000 Reward Shards to play with. Seasonal terrains are also back for Dota Plus members, giving you a wider variety of terrains to play with rather than being stuck with the conventional one.

As it stands, Dota Plus will cost US$3.99 (approx. RM15.57) a month. However, you may choose to purchase it in a 6- or 12-month basis, which comes with a 6% and 12% discount respectively.

To find out more about Dota Plus, you can head over to the official Dota 2 website.

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