Donald Trump Thinks He’s More Important Than America As Fauci Warns Of “100,000 Cases A Day”

Remember when Donald Trump used to at least pretend to give a hoot about the coronavirus pandemic? The White House used to have daily press conferences updating the people as to what exactly is going on with the virus, and while all it did was give Trump the stage to say something ridiculously stupid, at least it showed the administrations commitment to getting on top of the pandemic.

With protests and rioting subsequently breaking out in the US, Trump’s focus was obviously on addressing that but the president allowed himself to get caught up in his “LAW & ORDER” stance on the protests whilst pretty much continuing to portray that the pandemic is being handled. Mike Pence even went as far as to say that there is no second wave of the virus.

Boy was he wrong.

After states loosened movement restrictions, the number of positive cases have been rising exponentially. For four days in the past five, there have been more than 40,000 cases a day in the US. It’s gotten to the point where Dr Anthony Fauci, the only person in Trump’s coronavirus task force with any sense, has said that “would not be surprised” if new virus cases in the US reach 100,000 per day.

The problem isn’t just that American’s are reluctant to wear masks or practice social distancing. A quick look at Donald Trump’s Twitter account and you’ll see that the president doesn’t really care much for the rising number of cases in the country.

You’d have to scroll for some time before you see him tweet about anything related to the virus and even then his feed is mostly about how the media is wrong about him or how he’s America’s saviour and yada yada yada. Trump’s continued insistence that America is on top of the virus is a big part of the problem.

Would you feel the need to wear a mask if the leader of your country downright refuses to? Not only has Trump refused to wear a mask, he’s also refused to be quarantined and he’s not big on social distancing. Trump continues to play down just how bad the virus is and even went ahead with his rally in Tulsa, in which 6200 people attended, in spite of the fact that the nation is currently engulfed in a pandemic.

Eight campaign staffers ended up testing positive for the virus after that and the rest had to be quarantined after coming into interaction with them. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that all Trump cares about is getting reelected and he doesn’t mind if more Americans have died from the virus than in wars in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The president may not mind, but the American public should. November just can’t seem to come soon enough.

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