Dissatisfied With Your Broadband And Telco Service? MCMC Wants Your Input!

IF you feel undone by your network provider, promising excellent coverage, uninterrupted service and zero drop calls, only to experience all of these possibly in a single day, then you will have to voice it out.

Giving your input en masse will have immense repercussions on how the country’s communication infrastructure progresses assures the top communication body in the country. Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission has been monitoring telco’s in the country and their quality of service, the government body issues annual report on the status of their performance. The QoS report publishes all of Malaysia’s network providers performances over the 12 month period covering issues on coverage zones, dead zones and number of complaints MCMC receives. This is then used to ‘talk’ to the telco’s we presume.

With a change of Minister and new Chairman, things at the authority body is shaping up after a series of compounds were issued to major operators for poor service. Its an indication that the new personals, mean business. Will we see more improvements, with the submission of this survey we probably could or this can be a gauge of how the new team works.

The digital or more precisely communication gap was glaring for all to see during the MCO, both the Prime Minister and Communication Minister were embarrassed on the situation when thousands of school children were unable to study online. Having asked every Malaysian to stay at home and conduct their work and study online, the Government received a wake up call when the connectivity link in rural and sub-urban was at a deplorable state. Nationwide coverage was a technical term we found out. This new realisation prompted the delay in 5G spectrum awarding and focus was redirected to enhance current available technology to spread coverage to every single Malaysian.

MCMC now wants the rakyat to provide input and provide feedback on the services, for those who have been selected your input is valuable. Category includes, Hand Phone Users, E-Commerce Consumers, Consumer Satisfaction -Broadband and Consumer Satisfation- Mobile Cellular Users survey.

The survey will commence from 5 June 2020 until 31 December 2020. Data collection will be conducted daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, except for national and Selangor public holidays. The survey will be conducted via MCMC secure online survey system, where respondents will be selected at random to participate in the surveys. The selected respondents will receive a WhatsApp invitation from MCMC. Respondents who agree to participate will then be directed to MCMC’s secure portal to complete the survey.

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