Disney Rebranding 20th Century Fox With A Weird Title


Disney Entertainment which bought many of Fox assets in January will be re-branding one of the most iconic intro signature movie and television viewers have been accustomed to. 20th Century Fox will no longer retain the words Century and Fox following the exercise.

The change comes after Disney planned changes in naming and logo for other of its acquisition, ABC and Fox 21 Studio Television will also have new names incorporated. As for 20th Century Fox Television the new name will be 20th Television, an abrupt missing worded title if you ask anyone, but its Disney and they know best. The question will be what happened to the other 19 TV,s? They could have just omitted the word Fox but removed Century as well, its quite bizarre lets just hope the design looks the same.

Malaysians however can relate to many of the films and television shows associated with the studio, icons like Star Wars, Die Hard, Home Alone including Simpsons were all produced under the studio. Most memorable will be the jingle and the logo graphics which Disney has assured will remain the same.

Expect to see the new logo start popping in new shows produced, older ones will continue to have 20th Century Fox graphics. Fun fact: even 20th Century Fox was a result of a merger in 1935 between Twentieth Century Television and Fox Films.

The change only applies to Fox Television, Fox Sports and Fox News are not part of Disney and will not be affected by the changes.

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