Digi Is Bringing Amazon Prime Video To Malaysia; Another Streaming Service To Subscribe To

Digi is bringing Amazon Prime Video to Malaysia, and I’m honestly impressed. Digi customers will now be able to add an Amazon Prime Video subscription to their plans, and they’re starting things off to entice users to get on to the streaming service. Customers will be able to sign up for an Amazon Prime Video subscription at a monthly rate of RM14 for the first six months, and thereafter RM27 per month.

For a limited time, Digi is offering customers an exclusive 15% off the first month of their Prime Video subscription when they sign up via MyDigi Subscriptions by EasyAdd. You’ll need to log in to their MyDigi app, and pay your phone bill or top up your prepaid credit. You’ll also be able to make debit/credit card payments if you’re signed up to EasyAdd.

But here comes the kicker to all this. You’re going to have to be a Digi customer to get Amazon Prime Video. Which is a smart move on their part which might get people to switch over to Digi, but is an overall disappointing move considering there are plenty of people who want to use Amazon Prime video, and are not Digi customers.

It’s all kinds of disheartening to see, but they just might open it up to other telco users!

For more information and to sign up for Amazon Prime Video, visit the link here.

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