Create Video For A Better World And Share RM400k In Scholarship

A noble idea is worth millions but if that involves saving our planet it then becomes priceless, however Multimedia University is letting you go empty handed if you’re able to come with a good idea and turn that into a nice video for everyone to watch and act.

The forefront digital and multimedia university is inviting all Malaysians to share their ideas on how to make the world a better place via the MMU Digital Futures Competition and is offering 16 postgraduate scholarships worth RM400,000 for the efforts.

Open to Malaysians 18 years old and above, the competition is developed to get youths to apply their creativity into one of eight domains that the University has set as the sector of interest.These domains are “Digital Cities”, which address innovations that support development of smart, green, and sustainable cities; “Digital Connectivity” (innovations that enhance the effectiveness of connectivity among places and people across the globe); “Digital Education” (Innovations that improve the effectiveness and experience of teaching and learning); “Digital Enterprise” (Innovations that support smart and intelligent business operations, management, and productions); “Digital Expression” (Innovations that provide creative contents enhancing the effectiveness of expression); “Digital Lifestyle” (Innovations that increase convenience and enhance experience of individual’s day to day activities); “Digital Security” (Innovations that increase convenience and enhance experience of individual’s day to day activities); and “Digital Society” (Innovations that support development of digital society).

Prof. Datuk Ts. Dr. Ahmad Rafi Mohamed Eshaq, President of MMU stated “The youth of today are more used to abstract concepts, and since a very young age, many of them have been exposed to the fact that all achievements come from a single spark of thought, that was not dismissed as inconsequential musings, but followed through with vigour and hard work,”.

Organised by MMU’s Digital Futures Research Hub, the competition requires participants to choose a domain they are interested in, and describe a digital innovation that not only would help advance that domain, but, upon implementation of the innovation, help improve our lives.

This presentation should then be made into a three-minute video, which is then uploaded to video-sharing website YouTube. The URL for the video should then be included in the Competition Entry Form.  Open until 21 October 2018, for more information, please visit

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