ColorOS Tips And Tricks To Fully Understand Your New Oppo F7

As Oppo launches their new Oppo F7, it’s time to take a special look at the ColorOS 5.0 powering the device. It comes with upgrades to the homepage interface, more A.I. technology, optimised gaming, full screen mode with no capacitive buttons and customisable notch screen display settings. This article will help you familiarise with the ColorOS to ensure you can unlock the full potential of the Oppo F7.

coloros 5

Game Acceleration

Perhaps the coolest function in the new ColorOS is Game Acceleration. The notch design of the screen now has a side banner, enabling users to keep on playing even when you’re being bombarded by incoming messages. Finally got a win on PUBG Mobile? Record your way to your chicken dinner with Screen Recording functions.

coloros Game Acceleration

Of course, phone calls may be a little bit more urgent that requires attention. When you get a phone call, it will appear as a banner at the top of the screen.  Of course, there’s also options to just completely block everything if you’d like.

Better User Navigation Experience

On top of that, the new ColorOS also features improvements to the user navigation experience. You can now completely remove the on-screen hard keys and just have three simple lines. You can then use gestures to navigate your device on a clearer and wider interface. For example, to return to the previous page or action, you can just swipe up from left or right bottom. Other than that, if you’d like to return to home page, just swipe up from the middle.

coloros Swipe Up Gesture Navigation

Notch Area Screen Display Control

You can also opt to control the notch area screen display thanks to the ColorOS 5.0. Do note that because notch designs are just only entering the Android department, some apps may not work as intended at the moment. As such, you can turn off the notch area to secure the best view when using apps that aren’t fully optimised.

coloros Notch Screen Control

Create memories easily

The new ColorOS will automatically categorise photos according to location, time, and characters into albums without requiring manual control. You device will choose the best pictures that fit into their respective album, and will match it with fitting background music and slideshow transitions. Save all the work and have a trip down meory lane ready for you and your friends any where any time.

To find out more about the Oppo F7, you can click here for its product page.

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