CMCO: It’s My First Day Back At The Office & I Already Hate It

Ah, Mondays..

May the fourth has always been somewhat of an iconic date for me. Being a huge fan of Star Wars growing up, it’s usually the day I rewatch a random Star Wars movie. This year, Disney is going all out, putting up Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a new documentary on the making of The Mandalorian, and the series finale of Star Wars: Clone Wars on its Disney+ streaming platform.

May the fourth this year also happens to be the day thousands of Malaysians  have to go back to work after 47 days of being stuck at home. As a writer in the alam siber teknologi terkini age, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work remotely without much disruption to my daily workload.

I mean, there are a lot of things I can no longer do (attend events, conduct face to face interviews), but as my editor says, the news never sleeps and it’s true. I’ve been privileged enough to still have a job amid this new normal.

How has working from home been? Amazing, to say the least. I mean.. yes, it sucks not being able to go out but as a writer, it gives me a hell of a lot more time to actually write. Gone is the hour long transit to work, where I find myself struggling to keep awake and stuck in a traffic jam for 45 minutes.

I wake up, wash up, move over to my desk and get going.. and all this without having to put on clothes or worry about what I look like. Amazing :’)

It’s not just the time saved in the transit to work. You know how there’s always that one or two people in the office that you don’t really want to see or talk to but have no choice because you kinda work together? Well, not having to deal with anyone face to face was probably the best part of the WFH experience.

Of course, all good things must come to an end. Like most of you out there, my sleep cycle is pretty much f***ed at this point. The CMCO screwed all of us over by only giving us the weekend to get our sleep patterns back to normal. But hey, that’s the least of the governments worries and fair enough. Still, a weeks notice would’ve been nice.

I’m not against the reopening of sectors, but i’m not a fan either. The way it was handled could’ve been a lot better. The SOPs for employers to practice for example, should have been listed properly and given more importance. Odd’s are, we’re going to have to find a way to live with the virus, the least we can do is make sure we do it right.

Anyway, having to wake up in the morning again was hell, but I did it. Unsurprisingly, the usual crawl to work was nowhere to be seen. I usually hate the drive to work but this was nice. As I parked my car, I prepared myself to have to deal with.. people again.

I don’t mean to be dramatic here but it felt like with every step I took towards the front doors of my office, a part of me died. Do I hate my job? No! Of course not. It’s more the realisation that my job can be done from home that makes going into the office so damn hard, coupled with the fact that there’s a pandemic out there and i’d rather not kill my loved ones by catching it

But hey, if you practice good hygiene and proper social distancing, it should be fine, right? On the bright side, gone are the awkward smile and nod combos that i’m sure everyone has grown so accustomed to.

With everyone wearing masks, you can barely see their face. Are you smiling at me awkwardly underneath your mask? I really can’t tell. It’s kinda weird but.. good weird. As I sit my ass down at my desk and prepare to start work, I can’t help but to feel that I could’ve finished an entire article by now.

Of course, not everyone’s going to feel this way about going back to work. Some, no longer even have jobs. The reality of it all sucks, and I should be thankful that i’m still employed amid this economic crisis that will surely get worse. Don’t get me wrong, I am.

But I don’t run a cafe or own a business. I’m no entrepreneur, I write for a living, and the MCO has not only flattened the curve, but it’s also given me the opportunity to do my job at an optimum capacity.

It’s my first day back at the office and I already hate it, but it’s only because one of the many things that #stayingathome has taught me is that this “necessity” to work from the office now seems more like an outdated pleasantry more than anything else.




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