Chrome Says ‘No’ to Ads

Google is upgrading the mobile browsing experience of the consumers with future versions of Chrome. More specifically, the company is getting rid of all those distracting ads that make it difficult to navigate websites on the smaller screens of mobile devices.

The latest version of the Google’s experimental mobile browser, Chrome Canary includes a built-in setting that allow users to block websites from showing ads that are deemed to be “intrusive”.

With this new version of Chrome, Google is said to be the first to draw up a line against the ads and enable the company to have more control over the industry. Furthermore, Apple is following suit in choosing user experience over ads by blocking autoplay videos and throttling ad tracking technology on its Safari mobile browser.

However, at this moment, it is still unclear when it might reach the consumer version of Chrome for Android, or when it will expand across to the iOS.


Source: Mashable

Image: CBC

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