CES 2018: Microsoft Shows Surface Book 2; Confirms Launch for Malaysia

[ update: Surface Book 2 will start rolling out in Malaysia from February throughout March and April]

We managed to snag an exclusive with the fine reps from Microsoft, where the software giant is showcasing the highly anticipated flagship Microsoft Surface Book 2.

Along the corridors of the renaissance inspired hotel, away from the bustle of keynotes and showcase centers, Microsoft demonstrated for the first time to invited guests the all new Microsoft Surface Book 2 which has added another size to the 13.5in and 15in variants.

New features on the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be the battery life a popular request from customers using the earlier generation, an improved processing speeds with the 8th Gen Intel’s and better graphics. Sporting the identifiable Silver, the current edition promises 17 hours of longevity and uses the latest Intel 8th Generation chipsets for power and harnesses the new NVIDIA GPU for graphics.

Customers have the option to choose from various specifications, they can opt for an Intel 8th Generation Core i5 or Core i7 and up to 1TB in storage reserved for the higher end model. Compared to Surface Book 1, the new version is lighter by about couple of pounds while the 15in, weighs 1,905g including keyboard. Microsoft has done a great job on the keyboards and palm placement area with more room to maneuver your wrist thanks to the open space with the keyboard pushed upwards. Ergonomics has been well thought of by the engineers, something the other manufacturers should pick up.

The higher end versions comes with either NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 or the GeForce GTX 1060 graphics memory while the 13.5in lower end has the Intel HD Graphics 620 Integrated GPU. But the biggest news to come out is the fact that Microsoft will be skipping the first generation entirely and bring Microsoft Surface Book 2 to Malaysia. Dan Laycock, Senior Communications Manager, for Microsoft Surface 2 in confirming this news, shared with us on the possible dates but fell short in revealing more details as the information is embargoed till mid-January 2018.

Microsoft Surface Laptop and Studio

On display together with the latest product were also the rest of the Microsoft Surface family, with Microsoft Surface Studio, Microsoft Surface Laptop and an upgraded Microsoft Surface Pro. Dan also confirms the Microsoft Surface Laptop will also be arriving in KL with the Platinum edition making its way first (the are other colours available like like Red and Grey). For those not familiar, the Laptop is a lower-end notebook that focuses on students and runs with Microsoft Windows 10S (can be switched back to Windows 10 Pro) which is a lighter configuration of the OS optimised for particular set of uses by the target audience.

What got us psyched was the Alcantara material covered keyboard a ‘signature’ seen on the Surface tablets, it’s pretty cool how the colours of the keyboard and dash matches the exterior. However, concerns will be when they get dirty, we were told they can be cleaned with soap and water! Running on Intel, the models are available in Intel 8th Generation Core i5 or Core i7 versions and comes with 128, 256, 512 and 1TB in storage capability.

The Microsoft Surface Studio looks and works as advertised, already shipped across the country and selected regions outside US, the Studio comes in one size and is exceptionally intuitive.

Microsoft Surface Mouse works via Bluetooth connecting to three different devices at the same time and goes back to the older day designs compared the the Arc.

We will be sharing the arrival dates for the products in coming days, stay tuned.

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