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Bye Bye Facebook, Hello Google Earth

Bye Bye Facebook, Hello Google Earth

We can start getting ready to say goodbye to Facebook now that Google Earth is on its way. It may even replace any other social media network you have and rise up as the one that people won’t stop talking about.

Imagine a platform where your status updates, photos and videos will be tracked to a specific location on Google Earth’s map. According to Rebecca Moore, Director of Google Earth, the new functionality could be available to the public within the next two or three years, which would only mean that they are serious about it. It may even be the ultimate plan for Voyager, that aims to bring a storytelling aspect to Google’s mapping service.

Once the tool is made public, anything and everything could be uploaded to the map and the posts could potentially be shared within private networks for intimate purposes or publicly, allowing users from all over the world to experience a place from infinite perspectives.



Source: Mashable

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