Big Component Casing Inspired By MSI Dragon From Cooler Master

Whats more awesome than a custom built PC, one that has the MSI Dragon insignia of course! Cooler Master in association with MSI Malaysia has just released the MasterBox 5, a mid-tower case that can be purchased and fitted with all the best components money can buy to take on the next villain. The large compartments are of ease to configure and supports for bigger components, including custom liquid-cooling setups and E-ATX sized motherboards.

With the new edition on retail stores, enthusiasts who are keen to kick start their interest in DIY gaming can embark on their projects with the these casing for a more personalised yet have a familiar name attached to their rigs.

In this Case, Size Matters

Taking into consideration DIY’ers pet peeves, the MasterBox 5 is designed to optmise high end hardware in mind, and via clever rearrangement of the interior space, it can fit even E-ATX motherboards and two extra-long triple-fan graphics cards (410mm/16.1”) and supports 360mm radiators on its front intake. The removable SSD brackets and HDD bays can be rearranged throughout with 6 routing holes on the motherboard tray allows for mounting options along the front and back of the motherboard tray, and you can even mount the HDD bay and SSD bracket next to the power supply unit.

In place of the MeshFlow Front Panel, a MSI Dragon-themed DarkMirror Front Panel is placed you can choose whether you want to go down the air-cooling route, all-in-one closed loop liquid cooling or even DIY liquid-cooling it fits any of these. Priced at RM 399 this case is now available.

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