#beBOLDR With Venture Chaigo, In Collaboration With Malaysian Graffiti Artist Kenji Chai

BOLDR Supply Company, a Singapore-Malaysia based watch brand has just released a full titanium version of their best-selling Venture watch series designed by Kenji Chai – a Malaysian-born graffiti artist, who is famously known for his alter-ego, Chaigo.

The limited edition watch features Kenji’s signature artwork and also comes complete with a Chaigo action figure wearing a graffiti artist’s gear, along with a set of Venture Chaigo stickers. This is the company’s premier to release a watch along with a collector’s toy.

Meant to be used and abused, BOLDR’s watches and gear are known for their super-tough, stylish and functional design. It is also meant to accompany their users as they step out of their comfort zones, epitomising the #beBOLDR vision, which is to take the road less travelled and accept new challenges that may emerge.

As a brand, we have always advocated art as a form of expression, incorporating original artwork into all our caseback designs.”

Releasing a toy together with a watch is a first for us, and we’re happy to push our boundaries and try something new with Kenji by our side”, said Leon Leong, founder of BOLDR Supply Company.

The Venture Chaigo symbolises BOLDR and Kenji’s shared vision of facing life’s challenges head-on – something that deeply resonates with Kenji himself, who cited an incident that happened to him at the beginning of his career. This inspired Kenji to create his alter ego, Chaigo, the distinctive neon blue stray dog that can be spotted in cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Brisbane, Madrid, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

This special series accentuates BOLDR’s best-selling Venture watch with a lightweight fully titanium bracelet and case and an interchangeable watch strap with a durable & lightweight custom NATO strap designed by Kenji himself. The Venture Chaigo runs on an NH35 automatic movement and also includes Kenji’s Chaigo artwork on the watch dial.

The limited-edition Chaigo action figure that comes with the Venture Chaigo watch line-up is crafted using a 3D printed prototype as a master mould. The action figures are then refined and hand-painted, giving each piece a unique finish.

The Venture Chaigo watch line-up is the first collaboration between BOLDR Supply Company and Kenji and is available to be shipped worldwide from Singapore.

For further information on the collection, as well as to order, kindly visit https://www.boldrsupply.co/

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