Astro Reorganizes Its Channel Numbers But We Can’t figure Out If Its For The Better Or Not


Astro will be reorganising its channel numbers on 1 April 2020 to provide its customers with a better viewing experience on all platforms including Astro GO and NJOI. With more than 100 HD channels these channels will be moved to higher positions for easier and quicker access.

An easy way to find the corresponding HD/SD channels would be to look at the number of the HD channel and just add 20 (+40 for Chinese channels). For example;

  • Astro RIA HD will now be on Channel 104 while Astro RIA will now be on Channel 124 (104+20 from Astro RIA HD).
  • HBO HD will now be on Channel 411 while HBO will now be on Channel 431 (411+20 from HBO HD).

You can also find the full channel numbers here:

  1. WhatsApp – WhatsApp ‘Hi’ to +603 9543 3838 and following the menu choose the option for “New Channel Numbers”.
  2. Website –
  3. Channel 100 – Access the full list of new channel numbers via Channel 100 on your Astro Box.

The renumbering will not affect viewing experience, and you can continue to enjoy your scheduled recordings and recorded programmes uninterrupted. For more information on the channel numbers, please click HERE.

Personally, we’re not sure how to feel about this restructuring of channel numbers. How exactly does it make things easier? Most of us are already used to the current setup. Do let us know what you think in the comments!


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