Artificial Intelligence is More Intelligent than You Think

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been around for ages, though it has been a while since any monumental breakthrough was brought forward. On this front, IBM Watson aims to pick up the momentum as the group announces its current development and application of cognitive technology, showcasing the abilities of AI.


Instead of having pre-set instructions to respond, these AIs are now learning as they go.It is amazing that even robots built by using IBM Watson AI now have the ability to converse and comprehend natural conversation and provide precise natural response.

We are getting closer to the AI world as IBM Watson is now working with Apple to produce apps implemented with AI to support its clients. Currently there are over 400 apps developed for enterprises and more to come.

The ability of these apps is simply amazing; through a collection of simple samples of data, it can perform its analysis and provide suggestions on how to handle a situation with great accuracy. These apps are currently used for job maintenance, interpretation emotion from words, personality traits forming and so forth.

For the cognitive AI to be successful they require data, such as forming personality traits. If you have posted on social media publicly, these AIs have the ability to mine out your data and perform certain analysis about you. Cognitive AI is still at early stage and the amount of application for AI are almost limitless.

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